Who We Are

CREDO is a non profit Charitable Trust founded in 2019 and operating from it's Kolkata, India office. The activities of CREDO involves free training, employment, entrepreneurship and assistance to the under privileged to secure a livelihood.

CREDO has embarked in an ambitious empowerment project called 'IC-SURE' Incubation Centre for Start Up Rehabilitation & Empowerment which has been incorporated as a company 'IC-SURE Projects Marketing Private Limited'. The revenue and surplus of IC- SURE is earmarked in furtherance of the objectives of CREDO.

When you spend with CREDO, you not only access high quality product and services at compelling value, but also empower the society to become ATMANIRBHAR by helping micro entrepreneurship at the grass roots.

Our Team
Our History

Volunteer Service

We mobilize our teams of volunteers to make a real difference. Join us and see what can be accomplished when you get an impassioned team to focus on change.

Projects where you can volunteer so that we may provide services to our citizens for free:
  • Content development for our On-line course: Graphic designing, Retail marketing, Secretarial services, Home Food - Café & catering, Housekeeping, Beauty & Spa, Yoga & Nutrition, Mental health, English speaking and writing, Public speaking, Personality development, Music, Art, Dance therapy, Drama, Abacus, etc.
  • Vocational Center: Take charge of one of our many centers. Build, operate, manage and integrate beneficiaries with stakeholders.
  • networking & Fund raising: Join in and take charge of our programs. Utilize your network to introduce our projects, goods and services for market linkage. Raise funds for specific projects or social service needs.

Community Connections

Our community is full of people who want to help. We work to help the people providing services with the people who need them. Come connect with people in new ways.

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