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Dr.Prashant Rokade, IRS

Dr. Rokade is an officer dedicated in the service of the society. He has served the government at state and national level and is emotially attached to CREDO is his brainchild.

Jayanta K Roy

Mr. Roy has spent a career in the entertainment industry. He is an industry stalwart and is emotionally linked to the cause of CREDO towards empowerment of talent amongst the youth.

Nipun Chhabra

Nipun Chhabraun is a dedicated social worker. She dedicates her life in the service of the less privileged through CREDO.

Sanjeev Chhabra

Sanjeev is an energetic entrepreneur and a socially alive citizen. Serves through CREDO with the intent to give back to the society.

Sanjeev Paddar


Tuntun Chowdhury

Tuntun is a social worker having experience in Rehabilition projects. She will guide CREDO members in achieving their objectives.

Zakaria Mohiuddinl

ZAK is an entrepreneur with a difference. He is socially motivated and an organizer to the core. He loves to work for the society that encompasses all sections of humanity.

Arun Kr. Mukherjee

Mr Mukherjee is a well- established educationist & film actor. He is deeply involved in social service & counselling activist. He is an inspiration to CREDO.

Pijush Kanti Paul

Pijush is a Chartered Accountant and a specialist in social oriented projects, corporate Affairs. He is a professional with an emotional inclination to serve the weaker section of the society.

Pinaki Roychowdhury

Pinaki is a social entrepreneur and visionary. He is weaving a sustainable structure around it. Pinaki has wide experience in Social service, Textiles, Garments, Agro produce, Leather, Capital

Sujun Prashant Rokade

Mrs. Rokade is an educationists, a reputed social activists and deeply involved with CREDO in it’s incubation and promotional activities.

Sudeshna Roychowdhury

Sudeshna is an economist and motivated to serve children. She is also an economist is also an educationist having experience to shape lives and bring up future citizens as the world.

Priya Gupta

Priya is a socially enlightened entrepreneur with a dream to empower women and children. She leads the entire Maharashtra team of CREDO and also takes care of the trust financial management.

Manish Kejriwal

Nupur kejriwal


Apratim Roy

Amitava Paul

Atanu Banerjee

Ashwani Kumar Mishra

Bakhta Krishnan

Anju Chowdhury

Arghya Saha

Aveek Saha

Anwar Mallik

Chandramita Kakoti

Debanjan Mookerjee

Hina Mohiuddin

Intiaz Haque


Mahindra Surana

Manish Mallick

Neeraj Kr Singh

Nikesh Pawar

Parikshit Roy Chowdhury

Ranu Paul

Saptarshi Sen

Sayoni Pathera

Shantanu Mukherjee

Somnath Pal

Srabanti Roy

Sujata Rampuria

Suman Dhali

Tamasa Karar

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